Jeff Hall is a retired Army Major residing outside of Mooreland, OK.  He and his wife, Sheri, have been married for 26 years and have two grown daughters.  Hall is a life-long republican and a resident of NW Oklahoma, graduating from Guymon High School and Emporia State University.  Jeff is also a small-business owner, a cattle rancher, an artist and a devoted Veteran.  He is running for the Oklahoma 27th District Senate Seat and appreciates the opportunity to serve his home state of Oklahoma.

Hall started school in Buffalo, OK where his father, Wayne Hall, worked at the Cities Service Plant.  The family transferred to Straight, OK where Hall attended elementary school and moved to Guymon to complete middle and high school, graduating in 1988 after helping to lead his high school to a State Football Championship as a senior in 1987.  Hall contributes his Oklahoma Panhandle roots to his work ethic, leadership and loyalty.  Jeff’s pride in Oklahoma is known to many through his service, his stories and his concern for our great state.

Following high school, Jeff joined the United States Army and served out his enlistment in Germany in the Third Infantry Division.  After returning home to Guymon, Jeff attended Panhandle State University then transferred to Emporia State University, receiving a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Social Science and earning a Commission into the United States Army Field Artillery.

During his time in the Army, some of Jeff’s responsibilities include being in line units as a Fire Support Officer in the1-17 Infantry (light) and being chosen to be Combat Observation Lazing Team (COLT) Leader until attending the Captains Career Course at Fort Sill, OK.  After graduating from the Captains Career Course, Jeff was assigned to the 3rd Brigade 1st Armored Division in Fort Riley, KS.  In 2003, while serving in his first tour in Iraq, Hall was given command over a small Combat Observation Lazing Team that converted to a motorized rifle platoon.  The platoon conducted many raids, held territory and enacted civil governance in the city of Baghdad, Iraq.

In addition, Jeff was in charge with leading a quick reaction force in the Battalion and Brigades Areas of Operation.  During Hall’s first deployment to Iraq, he took command of a firing Battery in combat and with his second deployment north of Iraq; he took his Battery to serve an additional year.  After serving 20 months in command, he volunteered to serve as an Iraqi Army Advisor for the last months of 2005, serving a total of 730 days in combat.

Hall returned from Iraq in 2005 to follow on assignments that directly supported the Global War on Terrorism until his retirement in 2014.  Hall sustained physical injuries while serving in Iraq and never returned to combat.  In the last few years of his service, Hall supported returning servicemen as they acclimated to civilian life.  His wife, Sheri, and a Guymon resident joined the campaign to help support families dealing with hidden injury caused by war.  Jeff and Sheri have offered their support through presentations and publications detailing their struggle from one battlefield to another.

As a decorated Veteran, Hall states his greatest reward was not only serving his country, but also serving the men and women who were willing to sacrifice for their country.  Jeff routinely talks about the men and women he served beside and continues to help motivate, uplift and support them as they return home.  Hall realizes that life has many challenges and rewards.  His character, proven leadership, trust and honesty are needed in our state of Oklahoma.  Jeff is not a politician; however, he truly believes in the people of Oklahoma and feels there is an absence of true leadership at the state Capitol, which is affecting the future of our state.

After prayerful consideration with his family and discussions with his fellow Senate District 27 citizens, Hall believes he has a track record of leading success in extremely difficult situations and is eager to help change the path for Oklahomans.